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This is in response to posts from I have not written for a long time so I believe writing about something will help me write again and find my muse as well as get me to finishing reading those unfinished books. :D These are my LEAVES


19 July 10

Change of blog posts and

I will still be able to post responses from Write One Leaf but in this tumblog I will also post scans from my notebooks and their explanations because those are my really random and truthful leaves. As you can see the last two posts are incomplete and I plan on leaving them like that :D

Also my creative juices are busy with our new smart and expressive website

Check it out! :D My article is on eating chocolates for 30 days :)

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Write one leaf about your COMMUTE Feb 18th of 2010

Travelling at night

I have always travelled at night. My line of work requires me to. I’m a call center agent and have schedules that make my ears

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Write one leaf about ARRIVING EARLY (Jan 19th 2010)

Meet Me Halfway

Like clockwork Martina

14 February 10

Write one leaf about A KISS Dec 31st

Beso Lang Kaya Iyun!

It was past 4:00 pm and Martina and Jay were in sitting in the somewhat empty cafeteria. It was stifling in there which was not helping Martina’s nerves as she talked at length with Jay about his favorite music, movies and absolutely anything that Jay liked that Martina could think of talking about with him. The reason why Martina was on edge was because she has a huge crush on him—and he knows it. The fact that he knows it was not what put Martina’s mind in unease; the fact on HOW he knew it was still fresh on her mind.

It was a Wednesday, Valentine’s Day in fact, before that scene in the cafeteria. Martina got up extra early to go to school because a. the weather was cooler if she traveled early in the morningĀ  b. she knows Jay would be going to his 2-day retreat in Antopolo and c. she was on a mission to tell him that she actually liked him. Martina just saw him around school before this happened and fate had it that they were in the same Statistics class that semester. After talking to him with a little help from her friend Isabel, Martina grew to have a crush on him.

Martina did not plan to have to tell him on Valentine’s Day, she just forgot what day it was actually. All she knew was that she had to get it out of her system and after a long IM conversation with her best friend Ramya the night before she decided to do it. Her face was pale, she was sweating all over and when she got to school she had to muster up all the courage to take Jay aside and tell him (in-between nervous laughs) that she liked him. “Iyun lang.” "That’s all." she ended.

Jay just smiled and took his bag and went on the bus. Later Martina received a message from Jay saying that they should not be awkward with each other and that nothing will change. Martina was ecstatic the whole week and the week after that when Jay came back from his retreat.

So now Martina still has that hanging over her mind, inside she is a nervous wreck feigning composure as she kept talking to Jay. They were waiting for Isabel so that all three of them would walk out of school together. Finally Isabel came and she saw Martina’s state and gave her a stern look, “Get a grip on yourself!” she said.

As the three walked together in the fading twilight chattering away and laughing, Martina could not feel more euphoric and be blessed with what was happening. Martina was gradually building up confidence as she and Jay walked together and when all three of them arrived at the main gate and said their goodbyes, Jay kissed her.

On the cheek that is, but Martina did not know that. What she thought was it was a cheek-to-cheek kiss that most guys and girls do to someone they are really close with. Jay had to go the other way and Martina could not help but sigh and look at him until he disappeared into the distance, to which Isabel had to snap her out of it.

"He kissed you, you know." Isabel said.

"No, he didn’t. Beso lang kaya iyun!” a shocked Martina said.

"No, he really kissed you on the cheek, I saw it." said Isabel with a huge grin on her face.

To which Martina thought she could never be more shocked and overwhelmed than she was right there and then.

13 February 10

Write one leaf about CHOLESTEROL Jan 21st 2010


Breakfast always has

To have a side order of

Gooey, soft, fried egg

25 January 10

Write one leaf about HONEY (Jan 20th 2010)


Non Sequitur girl

Told her younger sister that

Honey is bee puke

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Write one leaf about an TANTRUM (Jan 17th 2010)

Merciless kid

Day in and day out

When I’m asleep, the kid is

Always angry and cries

17 January 10

Write one leaf about ASKING FOR DIRECTIONS (Jan 17th 2010)

What is it with men and…?

"Where is Mint?" Mark exclaimed as he traipsed along the busy mall with Martina in tow. They were in SM Mall of Asia and for the very purpose of fulfilling Mark’s post-payday shopping needs he and Martina were looking for Mint his favorite clothing store.

"Why don’t we ask someone?" Martina suggested.

"I don’t want to." Mark answered.

"Oh well, I do admit this is kind of fun looking for it but at this rate we will never get to find it." Martina retaliated.

"I know, I know, "What is it with men and asking for stuff?"" Mark said

"You mean, :What is it with men and asking for directions?" Martina corrected. "Look let us just go the concierge and ask the nice lady there where Mint is."

"Where’s that?" asked Mark puzzled and in doubt of what Martina was talking about. SM Mal of Asia is bragged to be one of the biggest malls in all of Asia and the fact that it spanned about five three or more football fields or so did not make shopping any easier but the fact that the mall holds some stores that you would not normally see in any SM was pretty much its selling point.

"You’ll see!" Martina said enthusiastically and made Mark follow her through the maze of people and went down the escalator. They finally got to one entrance where there was a lady who could have passed as an air hostess stood prettily next to an automated directory.

Miss, saan po iyung Mint?” (Miss, do you know where Mint is located?” Martina asked. “Go straight, pangalawang kanto sa kanan katabi ng ACE tapos akyat kayo ng escalator.” (“Go straight, second corner on your right you will see ACE then next to it just go up the escalator.”) the lady said with a smile.

Martina thanked her and Mark was amazed at how the lady knew everything. “What a great job! I bet their exam was to have a tour of the WHOLE mall.” he kidded. He and Martina took the lady’s directions and to their surprise as soon as they emerged to the second floor there was MINT right in front of them.

All they could do was just be amazed at the concierge’s knowledge.

15 January 10

Write one leaf about HOLDING HANDS (Jan 12th 2010)

Growing up

My sister and I

Used to hold hands

Crossing the street,

Walking in the mall…

But that was when we were little

One day about two years ago

Back then she was 17

She got annoyed

She screamed at me

When I asked her to hold hands

I then came to a realization

She is not that 6 year-old anymore

Who needs to be held hands with

When crossing the street

Or walking around in the mall…

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Write one leaf about GETTING YOUR HAIR CUT (Jan 12)


Snip, snip goes the shears

I won’t let it reach my ears

This head has long hair

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh